(11 May 2019)
CD housed in A5 mediabook released by Talheim Records. Limited to 500 copies.

1) Witchery II
2) Witchery I
3) A Voice On The Wind
4) The Lost Dream
5) Haunters Of The Silence

Thou Shell Of Death / Vanad Varjud / ÜrgSiuG split

(18 Feb 2017)
Released on tape, limited to 66 copies

1) Thou Shell Of Death - The Old Remain, The Young Are Gone 11:01
2) Vanad Varjud - Serpent Void 09:13
3) ÜrgSiuG - Khaos Apophis 14:29

Cave Hill

(30 Jan 2015)
400 white and 100 white with black marble 12" vinyls released by Talheim Records

a) Mysteries
b) The Spirit Of The Forest Spring

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Sepulchral Silence

(13 Sept 2013)
6 sleeved Digipak limited to 1000 copies released by Talheim Records.

1) The Night-Wind
2) Her Vivien Eyes
3) The Wind of Winter
4) The Wood Water
5) Rose Leaves When The Rose Is Dead - Part I

Wedard / Thou Shell of Death (Split)

(15. November 2011)
Released in white wooden box, limited to 160 copies.

(25. October 2012)
Black wooden box edition. Limited to 40 copies.

I. What we left behind
II. My lonely friend – The endless Sky
III. Helion (remastered) (Instrumental)

Thou Shell of Death:
IV. A Ghost and a Dream
V. A Burden of Desire

The Forest of Shadows

(10 Dec 2010)
Ultra limited pro-printed demo CD-R packed in black wooden box.

(27 Feb 2011)
CD-R version packed in sleeve released by Svartgalgh Records

(14 May 2011)
Limited pro-printed CDr in red wooden box. Last release of The Forest of Shadows. Comes with patch & A4 poster

1. Part I 09:39
2. Part II 11:48
3. Part III 08:54

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